eco-lib·ri·umnounnoun: ecolibrium; plural noun: ecolibria a state in which a community is in balancewith its natural ecosystem.

At Ecolibrium Farms we are building a community that believes protecting the land that supports and nourishes our families also strengthens ourselves, our businesses, and our economy. Together with our partners, we transform underutilized indoor and outdoor spaces into beautiful and bountiful food production. We empower already strong teams to be collaborative and driven tribes. We make workspaces healthy, comfortable, and energizing. We feed our community sustainable food that fuels our dreams and our families. We improve what we have, give more than we take, and eat off of the land we live on. We think of success in terms of generations, not years. A thriving and sustainable agricultural system will support our entire community, feed us and our descendants in perpetuity, and provide a space for people to celebrate and enjoy nature.

15410 NE 124 St.Redmond, WA 98052 +1 (907) 947 7805